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Our GIS Tools

InfoAlamedaCounty was built by Urban Strategies Councils Research & Technology Program. Our team or experienced social researchers, planners, geographers, epidemiologists and evaluators use a wide variety of software tools to help us in our work. This article gives a quick sampling of the most common and most loved tools we use in our daily work for mapping, data crunching, visualization and analysis.

InfoAlameda was built on the ESRI ArcGIS Server platform with a Microsoft SQLServer backend database and ArcSDE as the spatial data manager. Our Map Room was built using ArcGIS FlexViewer.

Our desktop GIS operators use ArcGIS 10 in both ArcView and ArcINFO license levels with several extensions allowing for more advanced work (Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, Publisher and 3D Analyst).

All our ESRI software has been generously donated by ESRI through their Conservation Grants program.


Other GIS tools we love:

For general statistics and survey work we use:

We source most of our software through nonprofit discount programs at TechSoup.

We also use the geocoding services provided by Texas A&M in conjunction with locally developed tools.

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