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Data Downloads

Part of our misison is the democratization of data, more recently this idea has been embodied in the Open Data, Open Government movement. As part of our desire for transparent, acocuntable decision making and in order to allow for wider use of data by residents of our county we are making most of the data in our interactive web mapping platform available as a download.

This feature is being built out and is currently not available. However we will be turning on our data (all aggregate, safe to distribute data of course) feeds very soon, you will have  anumber of ways to connect in to our data warehouse:

  • Google Earth KML files - for download or direct connection from Google Earth
  • ESRI Shapefiles for use in powerful desktop mapping software
  • WMS and some WFS Web Mapping/Feature Services that allow you to stream certain layers directly into your desktop GIS or into another website
  • REST API that will aloow for powerful mashups by other developers willing to adhere by our standards of open, transparent data use.
  • We also anticipate opening the system for use with software such as ArcExplorer, a free, basic GIS tool that will stream our datasets directly from our GIS Server.
These services will be available to the general public at no cost and to nonprofits and certain government agencies. Please understand that Urban Strategies is a nonprofit organization and has to pay for bandwidth- if a larger government agency who is not a partner on this platform wishes to access this information we will require some form of arrangement to cover moderate anticipated bandwidth costs.
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